Crisp Elvis Presley Footage Released – Feels Like You’re Right There Next To The King!

In 1962, Elvis Presley performed one of his most noted songs, “Return to Sender” in the movie Girls, Girls, Girls filmed in Hawaii. Thanks to the internet, and a new group of Elvis fans who’ve been sharing the video, Elvis is alive again and gaining popularity, although he passed away almost thirty years ago.

In the film Girls, Girls, Girls Elvis plays a financially challenged fisherman. But when you watch the video, he’s transformed into a black-haired Adonis clad in a black suit who’s singing in a nightclub. Like many of Elvis’ movies, when he’s onscreen it’s hard to look at anything else. Girls, Girls, Girls is another vehicle for Elvis, strictly for fun, an escape from real life.

Also of note, the song “Return to Sender,” a hit in its day, had a resurgence a few years back. In 1993, when the U.S. Post Office issued the commemorative Elvis stamp, the clerks never could have predicted what would happen next.

Elvis fans mailed letters with fake addresses hoping to get them stamped with “Return to Sender” on the envelope, even though the phrase had been replaced with “Undeliverable as addressed.” Just to show they had a sense of humor, the postal service did replace the updated phrase with “Return to Sender” for a while. It seems as though bringing Elvis back to life is fun for everyone.

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