Creepy Man Follows This Woman Into A Bathroom To “Make Sure She Has The Right Genitalia”

Creepy Man Follows This Woman Into A Bathroom To “Make Sure She Has The Right Genitalia”

The war against tinkling continues to rage across the country, especially in the wake of North Carolina becoming the first state to pass a law banning transgender individuals from using the restroom that matches their gender identity. One person in Texas decided to take this one step further and become the potty police. Jennifer Rush, a cisgender woman, found herself on the receiving end of this behavior.

A gentleman attempted to follow Rush into a women’s restroom because he was concerned that she might not possess the correct genitalia. The disturbing incident might not have made national attention if she had not recorded the entire incident on her cell phone camera.

The gentlemen in question backed off and apologized when he realized that Rush had a vagina, but the incident would not have occurred in the first place if HB2 had not increased hysteria over transgender bathroom usage. Social conservatives and Evangelical Christians express increasing concern over th3 issue. Some theorists speculate that these groups focus on transgender individuals because they lost the battle over same-sex marriage.

The incident occurred in Texas, which has not put any such laws in place, the state’s Lieutenant Governor believes that Target’s announcement of its existing transgender policy may force the issue. As with Governor McRory, the Lieutenant Governor has expressed the idea that these laws are needed to protect the safety of women.

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