Cowboy Hears Woman Screaming As Thief Robs Her – Lassos Thief in Parking Lot

Where have all the cowboys gone? Well, one of them was recently spotted at a Walmart in Eagle Point, Oregon, and John Wayne himself couldn’t have make a more laudable effort than this unlikely hero.

Robert Borba had gone to Walmart on horseback to buy some food for his dog, and through the parking lot, the sound of a woman in distress reached his waiting ears. A thief had just stolen her bike off the bike rack and was peddling away with it as fast as his legs could take him. When she called for help, Borba sprang into action, giving chase to the robber.

It was Borba’s superior skills with a lasso that made the biggest impression on bystanders as he looped the lasso around the robber and tied him to a tree. The 911 operator could scarcely believe Borba’s unconventional account, but reinforcements soon arrived to place the man under arrest. Meanwhile, the bike was returned to its rightful owner.

Borba is an unassuming young man with shy mannerisms and a warm smile. He comes across as a true throwback to the days of rugged men in white hats rescuing damsels in distress from mustachioed villains. He doesn’t think he’s anything special, though. Refusing any kind of reward for his daring actions, he humbly confessed that he was glad to be able to do a good deed. The world could use a few more cowboys like him!

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