Couple Adopted Newborn Baby – When They Return To The Doctor He’s Got Mindblowing News!

Married couple Angie and Nick had always assumed that they would be parents. For years they tried naturally and could not understand why it wasn’t happening for them like it was for everyone around them. After a visit with their doctor they were surprised to be diagnosed with unexplained infertility. The stress began mounting, and Angie’s period completely stopped. Her doctor told her that the anxiety she had was having an impact on her hormones.

The Twin Falls, ID couple decided that they would give fertility treatments a try. After spending a lot of time and money with no results, the couple decided to abandoned that route and try for adoption. They were soon matched with a pregnant woman who chose Angie and Nick to be the parents for her baby.

They were thrilled. Things began to return to normal in their lives. A few months before the baby was due, Angie’s period came back and her stress levels lowered. The new parents got to be present for the birth of their new son and were overjoyed to take him home from the hospital. That’s when everything changed. Angie discovered she was pregnant!

After all the years of trying, and all their treatments, Angie somehow got pregnant when it was least expected. The only explanation that the doctors have is that stress can fuel issues that may already be present. Once the stress went away, they had an easier time conceiving. Whatever the explanation, the couple were thrilled to grow their family in such a short time!

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