Cop Arrests This Mom For Shoplifting, But When He Sees THIS He Does The Unthinkable!

When police officers get a call for someone who is shoplifting, they often go to the store and either make an arrest or tell the person not to go back to the store if the item is valued at a small amount.

One officer received a call for a woman who was shoplifting. When the officer arrived on the scene, his feelings about arresting the woman changed, especially after he looked at her feet.

The mother was at a store in Kansas when she was caught trying to steal diapers. The officer began talking to the woman only to see that she didn’t have any shoes. Her children didn’t have shoes, either. This is when the man decided to do something to help the woman and her children. He bought her and her children groceries so that they would have something to eat.

Being a father himself, the officer knew how important shoes and food are to families. The woman was given a ticket for the attempted theft of the merchandise, but there is something more pleasing about the situation. Close to $6,000 has been donated to the police department to help the mother and her children get the things that they need, including housing and utilities.

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