Cop Approaches A Horrific Crash. What The Dash Cam Captures? I Am Freaking Out

A highway patrol officer in Ohio is being hailed as a hero. He saved the life of a truck driver after his semi-truck crashed. The officer’s name is John Devers. There is a dash cam video that captured the accident, and the aftermath of it.

On the video, you can hear Devers administering the chest compressions and telling the man to keep breathing. You can also hear Devers yell out, “Don’t you die on me.” Devers was with the man for 12 minutes before the medical workers arrived on the scene. The man was breathing when the medical workers arrived. It is obvious that the quick actions of the officer saved the man’s life.

There is a post on the Ohio State Highway Patrol Facebook Page that says when Devers found the man, he was taking gasping breaths. His eyes were also halfway closed. A short time later, he stopped breathing, and his eyes rolled in the back of his head.

The man was taken to the Wilson Memorial Hospital. He has made a full recovery. Devers was given a Certification of Recognition for his heroic actions. The story of Devers saving the man’s life has gone viral. The video of the ordeal has received over 566,000 views.

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