Congress and Gun-Lovers Proudly Refuse Gun Control, As 9 More Brutally Murdered In Oregon…

America is infatuated with guns. We’ve always been – guns are great tools for hunting, and even recreational sport. Guns can be artfully crafted. Guns can protect people. And on top of all of this, guns are fun as Hell to shoot…

But they are weapons. Firearms were created to kill things and not everyone should be able to wield their power. Lunatics, for instance, should not be allowed to own one of mankind’s simplest and most dangerous tools. Lunatics aren’t trustworthy. Lunatics should not be armed. Anyone of sane mind would agree with this, I think. Why then, in America, can people of highly questionable sanity and stability still obtain military grade firearms? Why does anyone in America need Military grade firearms?

Tragedy strikes us. Again and again. This mass murder, school shooting phenomena is the newest and hippest trend amongst the psychopathic. And it could be stopped – if Americans could only just stomach a little reform for gun control.

President Obama recently took a bite out of those who had been arguing against gun control in a  speech after the recent shooting at a community college in Oregon. Several people were shot to death and several others injured by a madman armed to the teeth and intent on savagery.

Obama expressed his acute frustration with Congress and stubborn gun-horny Americans. Tragedy after tragedy he has to address the American people and explain that “another shooting has happened. More innocents have been murdered. Another community is in grief and terror up to their necks…” and yet we can’t pass gun control laws. More than four people every day are killed with guns.

Congress could do something, but they won’t even try. They’ll change the subject and wait until we forget about this latest mass murder incident… Then there will be another. And the cycle of American self-extermination.

The video of Obama’s post tragedy press conference is below.

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