Commander In Chief To Continue Legacy, Even After He Leaves The White House (VIDEO)

President Barack Obama will exit as the U.S. leader in 2017, leaving behind an impressive track record of political victories. Considering the country was in the middle of a crushing economic meltdown when he took office in 2009 his accomplishments are even more amazing. From healthcare to Wall Street reform and ending the War in Iraq, our commander-in-chief has been doing some serious work the last seven years years.

Obama will be 55-years-old when he leaves the oval office. What to you do after you run America? Where do all the ex-Presidents go? Don’t worry. Barak Obama has already plans. He intends on continue the legacy of his administration, focusing on climate change, healthcare and income inequality through the Barack Obama Foundation. President Obama will also continue to work toward improving race relations and reforming in the criminal justice system. The foundation plans even to build a Presidential Library on the south side of Chicago.

The president has stood against strong political opposition during his two terms in office. His greatest victory was the Affordable Care Act, which went into effect in January 2014. Intending to improve access and reduce costs, the plan has brought quality healthcare to millions who were previously unable to afford health coverage.

President Obama will be remembered as one of America’s most respected historical figures, not only as America’s first black president, but as a president who actually made a lot of progress during his time running this ship.

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