Colin Powell Caves: “I Am Voting for Hillary Clinton”

Colin Powell Caves: “I Am Voting for Hillary Clinton”

Former Secretary of State Colin Powell has officially given his endorsement to Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton, who also happens to be a former Secretary of State. Although Clinton has already amassed a string of significant endorsements, including one from President Barack Obama, Powell’s support is quite powerful.

Powell announced his endorsement during a luncheon. The announcement came as a bit of a surprise because he used to be closely aligned with the Republican Party during his service as Secretary of State under former President George W. Bush. Nonetheless, Powell became a strong supporter of President Barack Obama.

Another reason why political analysts did not see Powell’s endorsement coming is because Clinton hinted that he had told her that she could set up a private email server if she wished. If that was indeed Powell’s advice, it was not the most effective since Clinton has suffered quite the scandal for hastily running a private server out of her private residence in New York.

Powell did not have kind words for Republican candidate Donald Trump, but this has been known since email messages possibly hacked by foreign cyber warfare operators revealed that the former Secretary of State did not think too much of the New York billionaire. Interestingly enough, the hacked emails also revealed that he was not too fond of the idea of Clinton as President of the United States, but he did mention her as a friend deserving of his support.

Retired Army General Colin Luther Powell is a true American Statesman. His military leadership started in Vietnam, first as an advisor and later as a Major in the 23rd Infantry Division. He would eventually serve as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff during the “First Persian Gulf War” to liberate Kuwait after the Iraqi invasion of the early 1990s. Powell’s Afro Caribbean heritage is a strong factor in shifting minority voters away from Trump and towards Clinton.

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