Coke’s Superbowl Ad Taught Trump A HUUGE Lesson About America

Many ads in the Super Bowl took on a political stance. Coke featured an ad that taught Donald Trump a lesson about the country.

The company had a contest in 2014 to get ideas for an ad that could be used in the coming years. The diversity of the country is what makes it what it is, which is something that Trump seems to forget when he beings speaking and signing documents.

Those who are racist greeted the ad with rage when it was first shown. There is a real America, not one that has been fabricated by the White House and the government. The ad plays with the song “O Beautiful For Spacious Skies” in the background.

There is a man riding a horse in the opening scene. The language of the song changes to Spanish along with a few other languages that are present in the country. You can see children watching movies, people in the ocean and others who are standing in front of a house drinking a bottle of Coke. The ad is meant to show that there are multiple ethnic groups and races in the country instead of just one group that Trump seems to want everyone to see.

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