Cockatiel Sees Her Egg About To Hatch! Watch What She Does As The Moment Arrives…

When a baby cockatiel hatches, it weighs about four grams. It’s about the size of a fingernail. When the bird is six days old, it will usually open its eyes. Over the course of a few weeks, the bird will start eating a significant amount of food, and the blue on its wings will appear.

At 3 weeks old, the bird will try to start flying on its own. The first 30 days of life for the cockatiel are full of change and adventure. A video that has been posted online shows the life of the baby as well as what the mother does to the egg when she realizes that it’s hatching.

\The egg slowly hatches while it’s resting on a large paper towel. The mother is nowhere to be found as she seems like she is ignoring the fact that she will have a new baby.

The new baby has no feathers and is pink. The mother thinks that the baby is an intruder to her home, so she tries to eat the shell of the egg and attack the baby. She soon realizes that it’s her child once the mother and the baby are in their nesting box once again. The mother feeds the baby and makes sure it’s cared for until the bird can live on its own.

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