CNN Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Opens Insurmountable Lead Over Hillary. Are You Happy With This?

CNN Poll Shows Bernie Sanders Opens Insurmountable Lead Over Hillary. Are You Happy With This?

Bernie Sanders has garnered a 27 point lead over Hillary clinton in the latest CNN/WMUR poll, which was conducted before last Sunday’s debate. In the New Hampshire poll, Sanders holds a 60% to Clinton’s 33% advantage among Democratic voters.

In December, only 36% of Democrats had definitely decided whom they were going to vote for. But this latest poll shows that now 52% are have made up their minds. Sanders has shown a lead since August, although occasionally Clinton pulled ahead by single digits.

Among independent and undeclared voters, 70% said they were pro-Sanders, as opposed to 25% for Clinton. Potential voters were asked if they agreed with this statement about each candidate: whether he or she had “the personal characteristics and qualities that a president should have.” Sanders: 58% yes, Clinton: 33%. In December, the poll showed Sanders at 27% and Clinton at 38%.

Sanders’ support comes largely from young people and undeclared voters. These are two groups that are often not inclined to head to the polls. This means that a heavy turnout will favor Sanders.

Poll responders also were asked whether each candidate gave a favorable impression. Sanders had a positive score of 90% positive and 2% negative. Clinton’s score was 65% positive, and 55% said she was the least honest in the field, up from 46% in December.

On issues, Sanders beat Clinton 57% to 33% on handling the economy, but on dealing with ISIS, Clinton beat Sanders 55% to 26%.

The New Hampshire primary occurs a week after the Iowa caucuses. As of Thursday, January 21, Sanders has pulled into the lead among Iowa Democrats. Once again, the race will depend upon turnout, as Sanders’ supporters consist of young people and undeclared voters.

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