Children Held Captive in Apartment By Paranoid Father, Finally Let Free

Most parents want their children to go outside the home and experience a normal life. The Wolfpack brothers weren’t able to have the normal teenage life that their friends had because they were kept locked in an apartment for several years. There were six of the children who lived a life in an apartment in New York City.

The father was so paranoid about what would happen to the children if they were to leave the home that he kept them locked away. After years of being held captive, one of the brothers decided to step outside to see what was so bad on the outside. All of the brothers recently participated in an interview to talk about what life was like behind four walls.

The family lived in one of the public housing developments in the city. There were four bedrooms in the apartment. However, the children were forbidden to go to the rooms that shared walls with the other apartments.

Neighbors didn’t even know that there were children in the home. The mother took the children out for appointments only when necessary. When the father left one day to get groceries, one of the boys put on a mask and headed out to walk on the streets, finding that it wasn’t as bad as his father made it seem. Soon, all of the boys started escaping until they were able to be set free.

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