Child With Cerebral Palsy Is In Last Place During A Race. What His Competitors Do Next Made Me Cry

Matt Woodrum is an 11 year old boy with cerebral palsy. However, this disease has not dampened his fighting spirit, and he always tries his best at everything no matter what it is.

He was told that he was not required to participate in the 400 meter race that was being conducted by his school. However, Matt wanted to be in the race, and in addition, he wanted to keep up with his classmates. His gym teacher, John Blaine, noticed that Matt was having a hard time keeping up with everyone else during the race. The teacher then caught up to him on the field, only to get a response from Matt that he was going to finish this race, and giving up was not going to happen.

Matt’s mother was filming the race, so thankfully she caught what happened next. This is a truly heartwarming and touching moment. At this point in the race, Matt’s classmates joined him as he was running. They gathered around him and provided supportive cheering until he finished the race.

There are so many stories about kids bullying other kids these days that it is hard to believe that they can be supportive of one another. However, these kids were incredibly kind and supportive of their classmate. It is truly amazing to see such young kids showing such selflessness and kindness, and it is enough to restore the faith in humanity of even the most cynical person out there. It is great to see.

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