Check Out How Many People are Waiting in Line to See Bernie Sanders in Michigan

It appears that people in eastern Michigan are “feelin’ the Bern.” Thousands braved sub-freezing temperatures and light snow on Monday to hear Vermont senator and Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders speak in person at Eastern Michigan University. Photos and videos posted by rally participants showed a near capacity crowd at the university’s convocation center and a queue of people waiting to get in that stretched for blocks.

During his stump speech, Sanders touched on his core campaign themes of providing universal healthcare for all Americans, making college more affordable, and reforming the political process. With the Michigan primary just three weeks away, Sanders is trailing rival Hillary Clinton by 30 points; however, the momentum may be turning Sanders’ way.

The recent Iowa caucuses ended in a virtual tie between Sanders and Clinton. This was followed by a decisive Sanders’ win in New Hampshire. Polls also show Sanders and Clinton tied in Nevada, which holds its caucuses next week.

Sanders also seems to be gaining ground nationally as well. The latest national polls show Sanders pulling within seven points of Clinton. Sanders’ recent surge in the polls may be due in part to greater name recognition following his performances in Iowa and New Hampshire.

The Michigan presidential primary is scheduled for March 8th.

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