Charlotte Police Reluctantly Release Video Of Lamont Scott Shooting -And Of Course, He Was Unarmed

The Charlotte, North Carolina Police Department has released two videos of the Keith Lamont Scott shooting that indicate Scott did not have a weapon. This goes against the official narrative provided by the department that Scott posed a threat to officers when he exited a vehicle with a gun.

The incident began when officers arrived at an apartment building to serve a warrant. Once out of their cars, police began shouting at Scott to drop his gun. Scott’s wife, who was recording the event on her phone, repeatedly told officers that her husband did not have a gun.

One released video is from a police car dash cam. The footage shows Scott backing up with his hands at his sides right before he was shot and killed. Neither video shows Scott with a gun or any other object in his hands.

The shooting sparked three nights of violent protests that led to another man’s death and a blockage of traffic on Interstate 485. While the situation has since become more peaceful, the release of the videos is raising new questions as to what really happened with Keith Lamont Scott. His death is the latest in a series of officer-involved shootings across the country.

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