Car Crash Victim Was Left For Dead, But Then A Stray Dog Does The Unimaginable

A woman named Shannon was speeding when she lost control of her car. The car tumbled off the side of the road, in a position where no one else could see her as they were driving on the road. She thought she was going to die until a stray dog came to her rescue.

While the woman was in the car, waiting on a miracle, she was going in and out of consciousness. When the dog arrived at the car accident sight, the women had just enough strength to put her arms around the dog’s neck. When the woman had her arms around the neck, he pulled her out of the car and to safety.

A rescue group learned of what the dog did, and the dog is now being trained by the group to help others in these situations and other disasters. If it wasn’t for the efforts of this dog, then the woman might not be alive. There were times when she thought that she was going to die and that no one would no where to find her.

The sense of smell that dogs have is likely one of the reasons why Hero, the dog that saved the woman, was able to find her.

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