Car Accident Left Wife Unable to Remember Her Wedding So He Does THIS For Her…

Car Accident Left Wife Unable to Remember Her Wedding So He Does THIS For Her…

Justice Stamper, 20, and Jeremy Stamper, 21, of Virginia, celebrated the happiest day of their lives last August when they were married. Unfortunately, Justice was involved in a horrible car accident just 19 days after their wedding. While waiting to turn left, another car that was driving 50 mph rear-ended her, almost taking her life.

Justice survived the car accident, but it took something very precious from her: her memories. She suffered from amnesia, which left her unable to remember anything that had happened in the five weeks prior to the accident, including her own wedding.

When Justice told her husband that she didn’t remember their wedding, he vowed to re-create it for her by marrying her again. Jeremy started a GoFundMe page in May 2015, which helped him to raise a total of $9,340 in donations to pay for a second wedding.

The couple celebrated their marriage by saying their vows again on their actual one-year anniversary in Marion at Hungry Mother State Park. The couple kept the same wedding theme for both weddings, sunflowers, but Justice wore a new dress in a pale blue color.

Jeremy felt very excited for his wife to get to experience their wedding and for them to have those special memories together. He thanked all of those who helped donate to their wedding in a written message that expressed the couples’ gratitute, and he vowed to pass the generosity on by serving others.

Though Justice still has problems resulting from the accident, including post-traumatic stress disorder, speech difficulity and memory loss, she is doing her best to recover and enjoy life with her husband.

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