Canadian Slams Americans Who’ve Taken President Obama for Granted

There are many people who believe that President Obama has not done a good job leading the country. A man from Canada is now slamming Americans who don’t really realize how good of a job President Obama is doing and how well the country has it compared to others.

Richard Brunt lives in British Columbia. He wrote a letter to the citizens of the United States about President Obama and how they should be thankful that they have an amazing leader.

One of the things that the letter states is that there are many people in Canada who just don’t understand the midterm elections. Corporate profits are at a record high in the United States. There are over 200,000 jobs being added every month.

Even though some people don’t know where their money is going, the value of the dollar is at an all-time high. Gas prices are falling, and it seems like there is an abundance of growth in the stock market. All of this wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for President Obama leading the country.

Canadian Slams Americans Who’ve Taken President Obama for Granted
He also goes on to detail that under President Obama, several things have been done in regards to American soldiers coming home compared to when George Bush was in office. Brunt, along with other Canadians, don’t understand how the country could think about voting for someone in the party that got the country into a mess instead of voting for a party candidate who can fix issues.

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