Camera Captures This Baby Goat Just Trying To Show Mommy How Much Her Loves Her. TOO CUTE!

While all baby animals are quite playful and love to have fun, baby goats truly deserve a category of their own. Kids, as little goats are called, are born with a lot of natural energy and spend their days running around everywhere they can, jumping, climbing and play-fighting with any other animal they come across.

It’s not surprising that even the goat mothers get exhausted with them. A video recently posted online and shared thousands of times on social media shows a little goat treating its mother like his own personal play set.

As many other videos have shown, little goats won’t discriminate when it comes to choosing a playmate and have little fear of strangers. You can see them having fun with dogs, cats, humans and other farm animals. A goat kid will even challenge a horse that is much bigger than him to a head-butting contest.

In the popular video that was recently made public, the mother goat just wants to chew on some grass and relax for a while. But the kid will have none of it. He runs between her legs, then tries to climb on top of her.

If you ever find yourself lucky enough to own some land out in the country and want to be surrounded by some highly energetic, playful and friendly small animals, goats are a choice you might want to consider.

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