Butterflies Showed Up In All Of Her Photos And The Reason Why Is Heart Breaking…

Butterflies Showed Up In All Of Her Photos And The Reason Why Is Heart Breaking…

It isn’t unheard of for people to notice things in their lives that make them sense that they’re in the company of those who are extremely important to them — loved ones who have passed on. Photography Amy Cutler had this sense when she showed up for what she thought was a typical work assignment.

Katlyn Mitchell and her significant other Jeff were elated to discover that they were expecting a baby. Unfortunately, something terrible happened to the family merely months after this happy discovery. Jeff worked as a firefighter and was busy at work dealing with a residential fire. As he was departing from the residence, the porch caved in and hit him, severely harming him. Jeff didn’t immediately pass away from the accident, but it ended up taking his life one week later.

Katlyn, still pregnant, had to grieve over the passing of her unborn baby’s father. Jeff passed away before he could be told that his baby was a male. Katlyn firmly believes that he would have loved hearing that, however.

When Katlyn recruited Amy Cutler to snap maternity portraits, she asked if she could use a picture of her deceased partner to insert into the shots via Photoshop. When Cutler snapped the photo that would later include the late firefighter, she was shocked to see all of the beautiful butterflies surrounding Katlyn. The butterflies made it seem as if Jeff truly was right by Katlyn and their future bundle of joy. Needless to say, Cutler was extremely touched.

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