Bush And Cheney Panic As Obama Preps To Release “Embarrassing” 9/11 Classified Info

Bush And Cheney Panic As Obama Preps To Release “Embarrassing” 9/11 Classified Info

Questions have always been asked about the events that took place on 9/11 – and our government seems to have answers that it hasn’t revealed. But President Obama is set to release some information about 9/11 that could leave Bush and Cheney embarrassed.

There are 28 pages left in the Commission report related to 9/11. Many in the government want President Obama to declassify that report because there is possible evidence that links the hijackers of the planes on that fateful day with the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Bush family has close ties with those in Saudi Arabia, and if the information is released, then it could show that the Bush family was in support of the Saudis, at the time of the terrorist attacks.

Dick Cheney could also come under fire if the report is released. He also has a lengthy history with those who are members of the kingdom. One of his roles was directing the staging aspects of the Gulf War in regards to where the Saudis were placed.

The report has nothing to do with the security of the nation. The only reason that some want the report released is to show that there has been a relationship between the Bush family and the Saudis. The requests come about a week before President Obama is set to take a trip to Saudi Arabia.

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