Brother Comes Home From Sleepover – But His Little Sister Has Got A BIG Surprise For Him…

Brother Comes Home From Sleepover – But His Little Sister Has Got A BIG Surprise For Him…

Rachel Stout is a mother of two kids, two kids that she is proud of- with a good reason to be! A few months ago Rachel made a post of Facebook about the siblings and the special bond that they share.

Little sister Abby had recently received a hamster as a pet that had quickly become a pet that both siblings enjoyed. After seeing how much he enjoyed Abby’s hamster, older brother Daniel decided that he wanted a hamster of his own. Instead of begging his parents to buy him one, he took it upon himself to take on extra chores and earn the money to buy himself the hamster and necessary accessories to own one.

After Abby’s birthday passed, her parents helped count her money and told her that she received a total amount of $55. When asked how she wanted to spend her birthday money, without any hesitation Abby told her parents that she wanted to surprise Daniel and buy him the exact hamster that he has been wanting. Rachel checked with Abby a few times to make sure that is what she really wanted, she said that the girl never faltered in her answer.

When Daniel was attending a sleepover at a friend’s house, the family went over to the pet store to purchase the hamster that Daniel has been working so hard to earn. Abby was so excited to pick out the hamster to surprise her brother with. The family got home and set the new pet up in Daniel’s room and waited for him to get home the next day to surprise him. Once he arrived, Abby took him into his room to meet his new friend. Daniel fell to the floor in surprise and could not stop hugging his sister. His mother filmed the moment and posted it on Facebook. The video went viral and was shared over 10,000 times. He ended up naming his new friend “Cubby”.

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