Bride Shares A Moment With Father – Then She Turns to See Her Marine Brother And LOSES IT!

In order to keep our country safe and our rights intact, active military personnel frequently miss out on some of life’s important moments. They miss holidays, birthdays and weddings in their sacrifices. A bride-to-be named Hannah had accepted that her brother, a Marine on duty overseas, wouldn’t be able to make it to her blessed wedding day.

Yet, she did not let this ruin her day. The flowers, the music and the chairs were organized in place. The wedding party was dressed and ready to walk down the aisle. There was not a single piece to the puzzle missing, except for the aching in her heart for her brother. Hannah prepares for the ceremony that will change her life completely. Tears of joy fall off her face, as well as tears of despair for missing her brother. She is brave, as most military family members are, and regains her composure. She prepares to walk.

Her father at her side, she’s ready for the happiest day of her life. However, something catches her eye. It is the uniform of a marine. Confused, she turns to see her brother. Her heart fills with love and calmness washes over her as she runs into his arms. Both her brother and Hannah are overwhelmed with love and excitement.

Hannah’s wedding day could not have been more perfect. It was not the dress, nor the flowers that made her day so ideal. For Hannah, all these things seemed insignificant in comparison. Her wedding day was perfect because her loving brother was by her side. After all, it is the love of a family that makes life worth living.

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