BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Has An Election Altering Announcement – And Trump Is NOT Pleased

BREAKING: Bernie Sanders Has An Election Altering Announcement – And Trump Is NOT Pleased

Former Democratic presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders has announced that he is once again hitting the campaign trail. This time the senator from Vermont will be campaigning on behalf of Hillary Clinton, the party’s nominee for commander in chief. During his bid for the party’s nomination, Sanders attracted huge crowds at his rallies. Now, Sanders and other Democratic strategists hope that those who showed up at Sanders rallies during the primaries will show some of the same enthusiasm for Clinton. Senator Sanders explained why he is campaigning for Clinton in an interview with the Washington Post. The senator said that he looked forward to campaigning on Clinton’s behalf and that “I feel very strongly that Donald Trump would be a disaster for the country. I want to do everything I can to see that Secretary Clinton wins.” Sanders further added that he was confident his supporters would be willing to support the Clinton campaign.

The majority of Sanders’ rallies for Clinton will be in states where he had strong showings during the primary campaign, notably Michigan, Maine, Wisconsin, and New Hampshire. Sanders will also be holding rallies in swing states, including Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Nevada, where Democratic strategists hope that Sanders’ support will bring voters still on the fence to Clinton’s side. Sanders will also be supporting other Democratic candidates in states he will be campaigning in, such as Ted Strickland, the former governor of Ohio who is now running as the Democrat’s candidate for Senate.

Prior to the Democratic National Convention in July, Sanders told reporters that while he would be willing to support Clinton in her bid for the presidency, his support would not come without certain conditions. Specifically, Sanders wanted Clinton to adopt more progressive policies in her proposals. Clinton responded in kind, promising to come-up with a proposal that, if she is elected president, would eliminate tuition for in-state students at public colleges and universities. As part of the terms to qualify for this exemption, students must be from families who earn less than $125,000 a year.

Sanders’ show of support for Clinton will be sure to encourage unity among Democrats. The same cannot be said for Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump. Since securing his party’s nomination, Trump has had a great deal of difficulty finding support among his fellow Republicans. In an infamous moment from the Republican National Convention, Texas Senator Ted Cruz, his major rival during the primary campaign, refused to support the billionaire real estate developer. Sanders’ unity with Clinton is sure to be another hurdle for Trump’s troubled campaign.

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