Break Pasta Into Your Slow Cooker – Then Add This On Top, And You’ll Be In “Seventh Heaven”

An infusion of taste with tenderness in meat is how the slow cooker gained its entry into our hearts and stomachs. Aspiring cooks are discovering new and innovative recipes to utilize the crock pot to the delights of our loved ones. One such person is Sarah from the website Average Betty.

She has a spin on the classic Italian dish lasagna. She combines the ease of using the crock pot with its ability to saturate every morsel with savory taste to produce a new spin on a beloved classic.

Keyword here is indeed levels. Not only is the dish constructed on tiers in the pot but people of all cooking skills can do this with little stress. The main staple of lasagna is the first ingredient we will work with.

16 ounces of ricotta cheese is added to a mixing bowl. In the middle of the cheese, create a small space. What will be placed there is 1 large beaten egg with 3 tablespoons of half & half. To ramp up the flavor, it is recommended to add a quarter of a teaspoon of salt. Mix well and set to the side.

On the bottom of the crockpot would go our sauce. Most people would opt for a variety that contains meat although those of a vegetarian mindset can certainly skip the meat. For our verification that this recipe is fork licking good, we went with a spicy sausage which imparted an extra kick at the end.

We next place a layer of noodles on top. It is certainly alright if one needs to break a few of them apart to fit the dimensions inside the crock pot. The caveat to this step is that we do not have to cook the noodles as the slow cooker will do that for us.

Now is the time that we transfer half of the ricotta evening over the noodles. Lovingly ladle a second tier of sauce on top of the cheese. Decision time is next. Do you lean more towards Parmesan or Mozzarella cheese? Your choice but make sure to sprinkle enough to your heart’s content on top of the sauce.

Next comes more noodles but this time add it in the opposite direction that you did the lower ones. The remaining ricotta is now placed on top. A third layer of sauce gives this dish the richness we all deserve. Finally, more shredded cheese and our construction is complete.

Cover it with the glass lid. Throw the crock pot on low and allow a time frame of 3 to 7 hours to allow the magic to happen. Every nook and cranny in your house will have that welcoming aroma greet you when the family comes hope. Ideal sides to this might be an antipasto or some roasted vegetables. Place on plate with fork in hand to dig on in. A modicum of effort for hours worth of satisfaction. Try this recipe in the immediate future to have your taste buds dancing all night long.

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