Boy Wonders Why Dad Is Filming, But Wait ‘Til You See Who Walks Up Behind Him. Aww…

This boy stands in a hallway staring at the camera, hand on either wall as he asked the man behind the camera, his father, why he’s filming. The answer was, “Because there’s a little surprise.” Although the kid is fidgety and has other things on his mind, like going to the movies, his full attention turns to the surprise when he realizes what it is.

The video shows the door behind him opening and a young man stepping into view. This isn’t just any young man, though. It’s his older brother who was enlisted with the Marines.

There’s silent shock for a moment as his older brother speaks, and then the boy breaks down in tears. They hug as the younger openly sobs. There’s a moment where they talk about the shirt the boy is wearing, which has typed on the back “My Brother Is A Marine”. He happened to wear that shirt and he didn’t even know his brother was coming home. That’s real support.

Moments like these go to show that the Marines serving aren’t the only ones that sacrifice when they’re gone. The family and friends sacrifice time with them as well. While they serve to protect, it’s also nice to see them come home to people that support them in such a loving way.

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