Boy with Cerebral Palsy Proves Nobody Should Ever Give Up.

Triathlons are incredibly hard physical challenges for anyone. The 2.5 mile biking, 0.8 mile running, and the 100 meter swimming event can wear out any talent athlete. Bailey Matthews, however, didn’t let that daunting physical feat stop him though, even with his Cerebral Palsy.

As he made it to the finish line, hundreds of spectators and the announcer started cheering him on, urging him to make it all the way to the end. The cheers gave him the courage to let go of his walker and go with body alone all the way to the finish line. Although he fell a couple of times, he climbed back to his feet and made it there, his father following him every step of the way.

Once he reached the end and his father hugged him, there wasn’t a dry eye present.

People gave their praise not only at the event, but through social media as well. Many photographs and videos were taken of his amazing triathlon finish.

Bailey has done more than made himself and his family proud – he’s shown us what it really means to take on a challenge even when the challenge seems so tough. We can learn so much from his triathlon victory. He deserves all the praise we can give him and more.

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