Boy Presumed Dead After 10 Hours In Winter Storm – When Dad Says Goodbye, He Feels A Pulse

Regardless of how much clothing a person wears in below freezing weather, there comes a point when the frigid cold becomes too much and threatens that person’s livelihood. Justin Smith is just one person out of many who beat the odds during a winter storm that nearly left him dead.

Smith was discovered by a passerby lying near a road, frozen from the cold and seemingly unconscious. Less than a day before his discovery, he had attempted to walk to his home rather than drive, but he was unfortunately never able to make it there.

A winter storm had been sweeping the area at the time when Smith was located, and the chances for survival seemed bleak. Once he had been discovered, EMTs flooded the area to help. Sadly, after one look at him, they weren’t enthusiastic that he would survive the incident. He appeared to be in a frozen state, and they could not detect a pulse upon checking for vital signs of life. He was transported to a hospital where he was met by his family. They had already prepared for the worst.

The medical team in the hospital made one last attempt to revive Smith by performing CPR and using a special machine to reinvigorate the blood in his body.

When it seemed as though all hope was lost, the medical team got the surprise of a lifetime. They detected a pulse, and it was clear that Smith was still alive. From that point, it was of highest priority to ensure that his other vital organs followed suit and began functioning correctly again.

Smith lied dormant and unresponsive for nearly two weeks before the unthinkable happened. On the 12th day after his discovery, his eyes managed to open! The medical staff and Smith’s family rejoiced together.

Smith managed to survive the terrible incident, even though he lost two fingers and all toes in the process. He spent nearly a year in rehabilitation and recovery before he was finally able to resume life as normal.

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