Both Of Mom’s Parents Died In 2013. 2 Years Later, The Unthinkable Happens to Her…

A few years ago, both of Breanne’s grandparents died. They passed within a few months of each other, and Breanne’s mother was left utterly heartbroken. Because the family would add a new ornament to the Christmas tree every year, Breanne took it upon herself to create handmade ornaments in honor of each of her grandparents who had passed.

She presented them to her mother onChristmas, and it brightened her spirits. Her good mood was stifled, however, when the following Christmas all of the family’s ornaments were stolen from a storage unit. Breanne’s mother reeled from the devastation of the theft, having lost all the years of memories that those ornaments represented.

Breanne wanted to help her mother, so she encouraged her friends and family members to help her out. The group made a whole new set of original ornaments. They used cotton balls, glitter, photographs, markers and just about any other craft material you can think of. They even had some pictures taken while sitting on Santa’s lap and worked those into the ornament collection. To surprise her mother, Breanne presented her with a large tub and instructed her to open it. As soon as Breanne’s mother saw what was inside, she began to tear up.

She went through every ornament in the box, touched and amazed by the love and generosity that went into creating each one. This family had the last laugh; even thieves couldn’t steal their holiday magic. Watch the video below!

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