Bodies Of Doctors Mysteriously Found After Raving About Breakthrough Cure For Cancer

A recently announced cancer treatment was the first event in the series of strange occurrences, and it was touted as a breakthrough that would rival all other medical inventions of the modern era. In the year since the initial announcement, there have been several apparent suicides by holistic doctors who were working closely on the treatment.

Doctors from across the country have been working on the new treatment for quite some time. The treatment involves the use of a single protein that occurs naturally in humans, and that protein is Globulin component Macrophage Activating Factor, or GcMAF. The protein works by awakening cells within the body that already have the ability to fight cancer cells. These proteins are perhaps the most effective treatment for cancer since they use the body’s own cells to fight the disease.

While GcMAF is actually a completely natural protein that all humans produce, it is not necessarily produced in high enough quantities to protect against all forms of cancer, especially those that have progressed to their worst stages. That doesn’t mean that the human body doesn’t have enough macrophages to fight the cancer, but that those macrophages simply aren’t activated because of a limited supply of GcMAF.

Administering the raw protein to patients suffering from cancer is an ideal way to strengthen their immune system so they can fight the cancer without the need for damaging forms of treatment, like chemotherapy and radiation. While those forms of treatment are the typically prescribed method of combating cancer is the modern world, they are certainly not perfect. The side effects associated with such cancer treatments can actually persuade a patient to forgo treatment. GcMAF treatment hopes to change that dynamic so that cancer isn’t a death sentence.

Macrophages do a lot for your body, and they are essentially the actionable agent of the immune system. As a result, GcMAF has an number of known functions beyond simply activating those macrophages. It can also work to help target cancer cells and improve brain function. However, the most obvious benefit of GcMAF is how it affects cancer cells.

A brief video showing an example of how the treatment works starts off with the outer layer of cancer being destroyed slowly. The video is a time-lapse sequence of about 60 hours of footage, so it is drastically sped up to show the effects of the treatment. The macrophages start by destroying the outer layer of corrugated cancerous tissue. Once that is gone, the remaining cancerous nodules are dissolved and eaten by the protective cells.

Of course, there are a number of analysts who predict such a miraculous cancer cure-all could come at a step price, not for the patients but for the pharmaceutical industry that currently gleans billions of dollars from suffering people. Such a treatment for cancer has the potential to shut down an entire industry, putting thousands of people out of work. That is why the deaths of these holistic doctors in the last year have spurred the attention of those questioning the real reason behind their ‘suicides’.

There have been at least seven unsolved deaths in the last year by holistic doctors, and there were over 50 additional deaths of holistic doctors in the same period. One of the seven, Dr. Jeff Bradstreet, was found with a gunshot wound in his chest, yet it was originally named a suicide. The case was later reclassified as a murder once the evidence came to light.

It is difficult to say with certainty that these deaths are connected, but every doctor of the mysterious seven was working on GcMAF therapy. Such a coincidence is hard to ignore.

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