Black protesters took over a wildlife refuge in 1979 – were removed in only 3 days

The recent protest in Oregon has taken over the headlines of American news on television. Several armed men took over the government controlled facility to prove a point, demanding that the federal land of Oregon be released to the farmers of the state. This incident has been going on for several weeks now, and it seems that there is no end in sight. In fact, the standoff is likely to last until the end of the winter.

The Oregon protest is actually beginning to gain a bit of popularity among certain Americans. Several proud civilians have been marching down the streets throughout cities in America to show their support. However, hardly everybody agrees with the wildlife protest, and some people think it’s just plain stupid – idiotic. Nonetheless, the Oregon protesters are putting up a strong fight, and a change may possibly be made in the future.

While the Oregon protest is garnering a lot of attention, many people forget to realize that an African American protest took place in a wildlife refuge back in 1979. However, the black protesters were removed from the facility in only 3 days. African American protesters staged a sit in, and they were met with violent force from the authorities. The racism displayed was terrible, but times have definitely changed since then.

And if armed Muslim militants in headscarfs illegally stormed federal buildings with the intent of occupation, the US government would hold nothing back to exterminate them. They would be immediately labeled as terrorists and eradicated with extreme prejudice – but when the militants are white republican Christian men, well … They’re just some good ‘ol boys trying to have some fun. The double standard for violent behavior in this nation is out of control.

Today, the Oregon protesters are using weapons and violence, but they have not been met with any force or even resistance from the US government. The red-neck militants will remain holed up in the small federal buildings, begging the public for supplies to help prolong their armed and illegal occupation vacation.

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