Black Ice Cream Will Save You From the Rainbow Foods Apocalypse

Black Ice Cream Will Save You From the Rainbow Foods Apocalypse
There are a lot of different and interesting ice cream flavors that may come to mind, but one floor that’s probably never crossed your mind is black ice cream. Nick Morgenstern, the owner of the New York City ice cream shop Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream, has decided to try out black ice cream this summer.

While you may think that the black appearance is derived from food coloring and other unnatural ingredients, the black ice cream is actually free from any artificial food coloring. The ice cream has a coconut flavor and gets it appearance from coconut ash.

Coconut ash is derived from charred pieces of coconut shell. Coconut ash is also known as a from of charcoal, hence the black appearance. This coconut ash is gaining popularity in various foods and beverages, from pizza to alcoholic drinks.

Activated charcoal is organic and is claimed to have many health benefits, although health benefits are not the first thing that crosses many peoples’ minds when eating ice cream. Morgenstern’s black ice cream is very unique because food grade coconut ash is very hard to find. Morgenstern purchases his coconut ash fro a health food website.

Morgenstern makes the black ice cream by combining coconut flakes, coconut ash, coconut milk, and coconut cream. Because the ice cream is black, consumers should note that the ice cream may temporary dye your mouth black. The unique ice cream became available on May 25th. The verdict is still out as to how popular Morgenstern’s black coconut ice cream will be this summer.

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