Bird Sees A Paper Towel On The Floor. What He Does With It Next? HILARIOUS!

Three-year-old caique, Little Bird, leads a very happy life through hopping, playing and whistling. One year ago, the bird became an instant internet sensation when he was recorded dancing with a loose paper towel. His owner, Leanne Guzzwell, posted the video to Facebook for everyone to enjoy.

Guzzwell said it all started with a routine cage cleaning, during which she dropped a paper towel on the floor. Little Bird saw it immediately and began to dance with it. While the caique had played with several other household items in the past, he had never been interested in paper towels before that day. Guzzwell had thought the video was cute but never imagined that it would go viral the way it did.

This behavior is not unusual for caiques, who are extremely active and energetic birds. Some owners even describe them as having attention deficit disorder. Native to the South American continent, caiques, which are a type of parrot, are very entertaining to have around because of their enthusiasm and happy demeanor. The birds often play until they are exhausted then fall into a deep sleep.

Guzzwell said she will keep the camera handy in case Little Bird puts on another amazing performance.

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