Bigger Than Watergate: House Intel Committee Member on Trump/Russia Scandal

The possibility of collusion between Russia and the Trump Presidential campaign gained credibility this week in an interview with Jackie Speier, a member of the House Intelligence Committee. The interview, aired on MSNBC on 3/19, carried a bombshell assertion by Congresswoman Speier who declared: “This is as big, if not bigger, than Watergate.”

Members of the Committee have access to information and evidence that has not yet been open to public scrutiny. Apparently, the facts revealed to them show activity that is even worse than suspected and may have a negative impact on the Trump administration. There is evidence, although circumstantial, that Vladimir Putin coordinated a network to attract a number of influential people who now have access to the President via Cabinet appointments and other high-level positions within the government.

Should this investigation confirm collusion between the administration and Russian operatives, Congresswoman Speier declared this would most likely be grounds for impeachment.

It is already known that Jeff Sessions met with Russian officials as a representative of the Trump campaign and then lied under oath about those meetings. Michael Flynn resigned after he misled Vice President Pence about his own meetings with a Russian diplomat.

Hearings have begun and Americans are preparing themselves for revelations of a major scandal that will affect not only the White House but has major implications within the international community. The possibility of more entanglement within the President’s inner circle is considered by many to be likely, resulting in consequences for all involved, including the President.

Congresswoman Speier allowed that the investigation will take some time, but that if this is shown to have had an influence on the Presidential election, it is imperative to persevere. When asked how the investigation will proceed she replied, “follow the money”.

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