Biden to Create a Political Action Committee – a Possible Signal for 2020’s Election

Biden to Create a Political Action Committee – a Possible Signal for 2020’s Election

Former Vice President Joe Biden is looking to stay politically active and relevant by creating a political action committee he is calling the American Possibilities PAC. Most politicians who have reached the highest levels of American politics tend to quietly move on into private life, but not Biden. He has been out making numerous public appearances, giving speeches, and openly speculating about a possible presidential run in 2020.

Biden remains a popular figure in American politics. The American Possibilities PAC gives Biden the opportunity to develop relationships with donors, solicit contributions from donors, make public appearances on behalf of the Democratic Party, and make contributions to Democrats running for office. By organizing and launching this PAC, he can grow more support for himself while helping other Democrats get elected into office. Biden has recently given commencement speeches at several universities, he has appeared at policy symposiums for the Democratic Party, and he appeared at a New Hampshire Democratic fundraising dinner.

Biden is open about being frustrated over several things. First, he is frustrated over President Trump and the policies he is implementing. Second, he is frustrated over Hillary Clinton not being president, although he admits that Hillary was not a very good presidential candidate. Third, Biden is frustrated over the fact that the Democratic Party has lost its connection with working-class voters. His goal is to help the Democrat Party reconnect with working-class voters that voted for Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton.

Biden had previously run for president in 1988 and 2008, and apparently, he still has a desire to be president. He doesn’t like the current political atmosphere of pettiness and negativity, and he seeks to change this mindset through his PAC. He says it’s time for Americans to start thinking big about American possibilities.

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