‘Bad Lip Reading’: Here’s What Obama and Trump Actually Said To Each Other at Inauguration

The 45th President of the United States of America has certainly come to office with great controversy. However, some of his over the top antics have made for some amazing television and video humor. Saturday Night Live’s Alec Baldwin has made a great parody of the president and made a dying show spring back to life.

It’s apparent that many people are using levity to get through the difficult time. Though SNL is great for roasting, YouTube has some great ones too. One such channel on YouTube is called Bad Lip Reading. In fact, their channel is currently trending at number one on this popular social site. Their video parody of the inauguration of President Trump has already got more than 950,000 views. It received that many views in less than 10 hours from its initial posting. So, why is this video so popular?

Well, the video begins with the First Lady, Melania Trump, handing Michelle Obama a blue box from Tiffany’s. In a dubbed voice, she tells Michelle that they are pretzels for her. The video quickly goes to the Donald Trump and President Obama as they get ready to take the long walk to enter the limo. Though they are all smiles, they are seething angry words through their smiles to each other. Things really pick up when Trump looks at Obama and tells him that “he can be a funny weiner!”

Things get really entertaining when Donald J. Trump goes to address the public. He starts by shaking the first person’s hand and declaring “you wanna be me.” Then he turns to the second person and says “I am important.” He looks at an elderly woman in a pink suit and tells her that she has quite a figure. It’s George W. Busch hits a real zinger when he asks President Obama if he ever washes his wig. The video shows Hillary Clinton and many other key people in Washington. However, the most hysterical part of the entire video is when Trump tells Obama “I like you, but I hate you inside.” Obama sneers “You’re a creep.”

It’s easy to see why this video has struck such a chord with the American people. With all the drama going on in Washington, this amusing video was just what we needed to see. The fact that Bad Lip Reading was able to have their mouths move and say things they clearly didn’t is beyond fascinating. Currently, they have more than 5.7 million subscribers to their home page. If they continue to bring such quality work to people who live for their comedy, it is no telling how big this company will be.

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