As Trump Turns Away Refugees – White Supremacist Caught in Possession of Deadly Toxin: ricin

As Trump Turns Away Refugees – White Supremacist Caught in Possession of Deadly Toxin: ricin

One of the most controversial executive orders recently signed by Trump was the heinous travel ban preventing Muslims from seven Middle-Eastern nations from entering the United States. That executive order has already been thwarted by several jidges across the country, including Judge Robart, who initially ordered that the executive order not be followed. That decision was appealed, and a circuit court panel of judges denied the appeal, marking the most prominent decision against the president since the start of his term only several weeks ago.

The travel ban prevents legitimate refugees from entering the country, and it even prevents those who are legal U.S. citizens of Muslim decent from returning to the United States. Before the travel ban was lifted, countless families were torn apart as a result of unfair detentions, excessive questioning and vetting, and the general air of unwelcomeness felt by those being persecuted. Children are suffering and dying horrible deaths, and the Trump wants to keep them out of America based purely upon xenophobia.

Of course, Trump and his supporters neglect to consider the possibility that someone dangerous already in the United States, not immigrants, not even minorities, but white supremacists. White supremacists are responsible for domestic terror attacks far more often than muslims. How’s that for good Christian folk?

Take for example William Christopher Gibbs, recently the 27-year-old man arrived at a hospital near his home and claimed that he had been exposed to ricin, one of the most deadly poisons available to man. Ricin doesn’t exist naturally, so any instance of its existence points to illegal activity, and the FBI started investigating Gibbs when they learned of his claim.

According to the Centers for Disease Control, ricin is lethal in very small doses, and it can take the form of a pellet, powder, or even a mist. When lab tests confirmed that there was ricin present in Gibbs’s car, the FBI’s suspicions raised even further. It wasn’t until they learned of his connection to local white supremacy groups that the FBI decided to look closer at Gibbs. His Facebook page described him as a ‘White Racial Loyalist’, and he claimed to be a member of a group called the ‘Georgia Church of Creativity’. That group was originally called ‘The Church of the Creator’, and it is a known white separatist organization.

The decision to stop allowing Muslim immigrants from the seven countries listed on the ban was clearly meant as a form of religious persecution. No one from any of the banned Muslim nations has attacked or killed an American citizen in the last 15 years, and yet christian white supremacists have been waging war on this country from within this country for a long time. And now they’ve been emboldened by out racist president and his band of malicious reprobates – the future may yet see an increase in terror thanks to Trump and Bannon, from both within and without.

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