As Soon As She Raised Her Hands, These Two Left Me In A Trance For The Next 5 Minutes

Audiences were blown away at the Eurasia dog show recently when this dog owner and her cuddly companion took the stage! The two performed an intricate dance that must be seen to believe.

The Russian dog show rewards inventive owners that teach their dog tricks, dance moves and obedience training that likely isn’t seen on a daily basis. Watch the video to see Little Bo Peep and her sheep charm the onlookers.

Every second of their dance is highly choreographed and must have taken months and months of patient practice with tons of treats. You can see the true love between the two, and it really is a testament to the old adage that dogs are man’s best friend.

The Eurasia dog show has strict rules that the owner and their companion must include specific tricks within their routine, focusing on bowing, jumping, spinning, and of course, rolling over. What is most impressive is the level of unspoken communication between the two. The dog responds only to physical hand gestures, and the owner does not rely on verbal cues.

Competitions such as the Eurasia dog show have been popular for almost three decades now, be sure to check out this video and others like it to see if you and your furry four-legged friend have what it takes!

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