As Soon As Her Favorite Tune Comes On The Radio, She Does Something That’s Remarkable!

When you hear your favorite song on the radio, you might begin dancing as soon as you hear the first words. It’s no different for some animals, especially dogs, who have an ear for music.

A German Shepherd has an ear for a certain kind of tune. One of her favorite songs is by Flo Rida called Get Low. When she hears the song, her ears are what do the dancing.

She is a dog that enjoys being herself no matter what. This is the epitome of happiness as she can dance or lay around wherever she is, and that’s alright with her owners. Dogs are supposed to rely on their owners.

They depend on people to care for them. And in the end, they might be able to show people how to behave. They can show that people can have fun as well, even if it is just wiggling the ears or moving the feet to a beat.

The dog is in the car when the music comes on, you can see her ears wiggling around. They even seem to be keeping up with the beat and words of the music. She demonstrates the simplicity of living life to the fullest.

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