As a Baby She Was Abandoned In A Box In China – Lived To Tell Her Story As A Singer In America

Today, the popular singer “Kenzie” frequently makes singing appearances on behalf of the Christian charitable organization ICM, (“International Cooperating Ministries”). She hopes to assist that group in building an orphanage. The young teen has already enjoyed immense success as a performer.

For three consecutive years, she has appeared before a world-wide audience at Astro baseball games in Houston and sung the National Anthem, garnering high praise from those who hear her voice. Visiting children seek her autograph. Many predict she will enjoy a bright future as a singing star. She hopes to realize her dream of becoming a celebrated entertainer, a vision which she has nurtured since early childhood.

Kenzie has overcome some significant challenges in her life already, far more than many people encounter. In 2003, she joined an adoptive family in the United States after experiencing a rough start. As a one-month old infant, she found herself abandoned in a train station in the Peoples Republic of China. Fortunately, her plight came to the attention of nearby people and someone transported her to an orphanage.

Her parents had previously raised children and they had also adopted from China in 2001. Yet when they learned about Kenzie, the couple felt compelled to offer the toddler a forever home in the United States. They completed the lengthy adoption process, and she traveled to the USA and joined their household. Fortunately for Kenzie, they adopted her before China and the United States imposed a number of restrictions on international adoption by Americans.

Kenzie’s mother reports that their daughter displayed a keen appreciation for musical notes from a very young age. When she first set foot in their kitchen, she heard a chime and imitated the sound accurately. Her parents fostered her interest in music, offering her their support and encouragement.

By the age of five, Kenzie gained experience singing in a recording studio. Today, her parents express great pride in their young daughter’s accomplishments. Her mother recounts her feelings of joy when Kenzie first sang before a packed stadium, delighting the audience and maintaining her confidence and poise throughout the performance.

Now Kenzie hopes to use her musical gifts to share her talent with others. She feels drawn to assist the ICM in its efforts to found an orphanage for children. Her determination and talent may lead to a rewarding singing career in the future!

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