Anonymous Hacked Ted Cruz’s Life And Just Exposed Some Very Bad News For Him…

An anonymous source has threatened to expose Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz for his involvement with prostitutes. Ted Cruz, a Senator from Texas, has appealed to many republicans due to his evangelical background and ultra conservative views. Cruz’ motto: “a Christian first, an American second,” has resonated with many Americans, especially those looking for a candidate that could carry the establishment party.

However, an anonymous source has discovered that the presidential candidate may not be living up to his motto and ultra “Christian” persona. While both Cruz’ wife and father paint him as a “man of God,” others have come forward to paint Cruz in a totally different light.

While many sources have come forward recently to condemn Cruz as a liar and hypocrite, this new information could bring Cruz to a breaking point. This new information about Cruz has been whispered about for some time, but is just starting to pick up steam.

If this news is confirmed to be true, Donald Trump’s road towards getting the republican nomination may get even easier. According to this anonymous source, if Cruz does not drop out of the presidential race immediately, the source will expose Cruz for so called “underground acts.” If these allegations are true, Senator Ted Cruz’ political career could be over.

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