Ann Coulter Tweets Picture Of Chattanooga Shooter’s Family Suggesting We Deport Them All

Ann Coulter Tweets Picture Of Chattanooga Shooter’s Family Suggesting We Deport Them All

Conservative author and political commentator Ann Coulter has long decried what she believes are the nation’s maladies. In most cases, the attractive author ascribes the nation’s problems to liberalism. Whether she is criticizing the failure of welfare policies to foster independence, or the teacher’s union to increase student test scores and scholastic aptitude, she does so using prose the political left finds stinging.

In the wake of the recent Tennessee shooting, where a lone pro-ISIS Muslim terrorist killed four soldiers and one law enforcement officer before he himself was taken out, Coulter tweeted a photograph of Muhammad Youssuf Abdulazee with his parents and four sisters. Alongside the photograph came the two word imperative: Deport Them.

Admittedly, some on the political left were upset over Coulter’s quip. That said, they do have a point given that there is no evidence to suggest that the other members of the Abdulazee family had any advance knowledge of Muhammad’s malignant plans. Nor is there any indication they aided him in carrying out his plot. The point is also made that no one is calling for the family Dylann Roof, the Charleston shooter, to be de-naturalized, deported, or otherwise punished. Just because the Abdulazee are Muslim and foreign-born should not subject them to retribution.

The family is likely under duress given the pain their son inflicted on others and the dishonor he brought to their family. As for Coulter, the quip about deporting the family was beneath her. It is one thing to employ sarcasm and bait liberals over their lack of humor, but quite another to single out innocent family members over the heinous actions of their son and brother.

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