Ann Coulter Is a Performance Artist, and She’s Gaming Anyone Who Listens To Her

Ann Coulter Is a Performance Artist, and She’s Gaming Anyone Who Listens To Her

Ann Coulter is not only a performance artist but also someone who is extremely vocal on current affairs. However, she has become a big bore to audiences as she performs, and this might be the primary reason as to why most events that she has an involvement in end up in jeers. Members of the public have expressed great animosity towards Ann Coulter, thus meaning that there is something about her that disgruntles them. Just like President Trump, an unexplained darkness looms over her. To this end, Ann recently backed down on speaking at the University of California where she had initially made arrangements to grace the function.

Despite the negative remarks from members of the public, Ann Coulter is now stronger than ever. Her resilience has saved her countless times from people who want to prey on her weaknesses. To a large extent, some have even described her to be a distorted Tinker Bell. Amid the negative reactions, public animosity has helped Ann, the performance artist, remain relevant in her line of work. As a result, she now gets more campus bookings than she ever got when almost everybody else liked her. Another reason that has made people hate Coulter is the fact that she speaks her mind out even when her words are more likely to hurt someone’s feelings. She does not hide away her sentiments, regardless of how immature they may sound.

Coulter is more likely the queen of controversy since she says what she wants so as to promote herself rather than educating the masses. From the look of things, it is like she is an artist with an agenda of playing us. When people disagree with her ideas and even wreak havoc, they only prove to Ann and the rest of the world that Coulter is a significant threat to them. As a result, she is one individual that politicians with hidden desires can use to push through their agendas. Her tongue is like a double-edged sword that cuts deep within one’s soul. Whereas most people do not like her, there is a section of individuals who side with Ann. Thus, they feel compelled to book her services so that she can provoke people’s minds. In so doing, they make Ann as an artist feel alive.

Although her ideas are a bit childish and irritating, individuals and especially people that dislike her do not see the need to block her from making public speeches. As much as hate speech should not be allowed to penetrate people’s minds, there is much rationale in keeping Ann’s spirit alive. There is need to let her speak her mind out since out of all the irritating words that come out of her mouth; a small percentage proves to be useful. The main topics that Ann chooses to talk about include Muslims, immigrants, liberals, and single mothers just to mention but a few. Her sentiments to these groups are as ugly as they come, but who are we to judge!

So far, Ann Coulter has aligned herself with Donald Trump, and she even calls him an emperor god. From the look of things, Ann engages herself in controversy so as to generate more traffic and views towards her. She is the real performance artist, at least in this age and time. So far, she has been incredibly lucky in this game and has even made a little money in the process. Thus, it is us who have chosen to be played by Ann Coulter primarily because we encourage her mischief.

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