An Officer Was Killed In The Line Of Duty. Watch How His Dog Says Goodbye.

Officer Jason Scott Ellis was a member of the Bardstown Police Department in Kentucky for seven years with his most recent assignment as a K-9 officer. A little more than two years ago, he completed his duties and called it day. While driving his squad car and still in uniform, he came across debris in the road. In the interest of public safety, he stepped out of the car to clear the road.

What he did not know is that the debris was intentionally placed on the road in order to draw a police officer into an attack. Officer Ellis was hit multiple times by shotgun blast; it is believed the first hit was fatal. His K-9 dog Figo was with him at the time.

The funeral service was put on with full honors by his fellow police officers. There was the traditional 21-gun salute and a flag presented to his grieving wife. Officer Ellis left behind two young sons. While the entire incident was overshadowed by the senseless loss of a dutiful officer, a poignant moment occurred when his K-9 dog was brought up to his casket shortly before Officer Ellis was interred.

The dog was led to the coffin at which time it placed a single paw on the top of the casket. The moment was caught on camera and later went viral. Many of those in attendance saw Figo’s action as being one last warm gesture to his fallen master. After the funeral service, Figo was given his final assignment: serve and protect Officer Ellis’ family as their pet.

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