An Evil Human Abandoned This Blind Golden Retriever In A Field. Now? I Broke Down…

Kanga is a loving dog, described as “cuddly” by his owner. His beautiful brown fur and lopsided grin would make Kanga a prime choice of pet for most people. The pooch’s life did not start off as it should have.

Kanga and his brother were discovered abandoned in a field near Long Beach. It was apparent that Kanga had been previously owned, but it was quickly obvious why a previous owner might have coldheartedly abandoned the pooch.

Kanga was not only blind, but had defects in his front paws that made it difficult for him to walk and run. Despite Kanga’s loving nature, it took more than eight months before he found his forever home. Kanga’s owner, John, told shelter volunteers that he felt an instant connection with Kanga.

“Kanga thinks he can see,” John said. “He would bump into things a bit, but acted like a dog that could see. My other dog, Gracie, kind of leads him around.”

John reported that it took Kanga less than 48 hours to become aware of and acquainted with his new surroundings. Kanga does all the things that most dogs with eyesight and perfect legs can do. He spends a great deal of time playing with John and Gracie, as well as learning some basic commands.

“It’s wonderful to see him find his way around,” John said. “He’s such a wonderful dog.”

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