An Entire Town Comes Out to Witness a Man Carrying His Dog. The Reason Why Is Heart Breaking

The video covers the decision by United States Marine Corporal James Russell Moseley to put down his battle dog, U.S. Marine Sergeant Canvas, in Minden, Louisiana. The solider and dog served together on multiple tours in Iraq. An IED explosion during battle in 2011 cost Cpl. Moseley his leg as well as contributed to his subsequent struggles with PTSD.

Cpl. Moseley decided to put down Sgt. Canvas, as the dog was enduring pain from acute back discomfort, chronic arthritis and PTSD. The entire town of Minden, recognizing the contribution of the pair to protecting the United States of America, provided the dog with a complete military procession.

The military ceremony featured numerous motorcycle groups who sought to demonstrate their appreciation and respect to the hero, as Cpl. Moseley led Sgt. Canvas to her final resting place. Though it was a challenging moment for Cpl. Moseley to say farewell to a part of his “family”, he felt it was the right thing to do. He believes he shared an impervious bond with the military dog and will be reunited with Sgt. Canvas again some day.

Though many people may not realize it, military working dogs serve as a vital part of modern warfare operations. These highly trained animals possess the ability to detect smell 100,000 times superior to a human being and contribute to saving hundreds of lives daily in war zones. Ultimately, a military canine and its human handler serve as an important unit in protecting American freedom worldwide.

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