America Pushes White House to Charge Republicans With Treason For Sabotaging THIS

America Pushes White House to Charge Republicans With Treason For Sabotaging THIS

The article from the website,, is a biased piece against the actions of 47 members of the US Senate. The article recommends federal charges be filed against those members.

The article moves into a vague area on the powers of the branches of the government and the separations of those powers, which is typical of the struggles between the white house (executive branch) and a body of the Congress, the Senate (legislative branch), and how it pertains to Iran developing nuclear energy.

At issue is the definition of an executive order with a foreign country versus a treaty with a foreign country. The Senate is required to approve treaties negotiated by the President with a two-thirds majority. The President can issue executive orders, which do not require the approval of the Senate of the United States. When a President negotiates with a foreign country and a deal is made, is it an executive agreement or a pending treaty? Does anybody really know?

The article accuses the 47 Senators of breaking the law by intervening in the negotiations between the President of the United States and the leaders of Iran on the pending deal for nuclear energy. Whether you agree or disagree with the President, the 47 members in the Senate are probably acting outside of their government role by injecting themselves into the Iran negotiations.

The members in the Senate are possibly asserting a check-and-balance in containing the power of the President. The members of the Senate are probably also engaged in partisan posturing for their own personal election campaigns in the future. The Senators are correct in saying that an executive agreement with the current President can be voided by the next President, who will take office on January 20, 2017.

The members of the Senate may be right with another issue in the Iran negotiations. As a matter of real global concern, when has a country seeking to develop a peaceful nuclear energy program for the sole purpose of domestic electric power not gone onto build an atomic bomb? North Korea, Pakistan and India show that the leaders of countries seeking to build an atomic bomb simply lie in those agreements to never build nuclear weapons.

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