Ambushed Man Says He Heard The Voice Of God Telling Him To Put His Bullet Proof Vest On

Police officers often wear bullet proof vests in times when there could be danger. They might wear them in areas where they could be confronted by someone who has a weapon. One officer was on patrol in his car and decided to take off his vest because it was hot. However, he quickly put the vest back on when he heard a small voice tell him that something wasn’t right.

While the officer was on duty, he noticed a group of men walking down a sidewalk. He didn’t have his vest on when he first saw them but had a feeling that he needed to put it back on and quickly. One of the men in the group walked over to the police car and started shooting.

Over a dozen shots were exchanged. There is no real motive as to why the man started shooting, but officers believe that the suspect did it simply because the officer was wearing a police uniform. It seems as though the man just wanted to target a police officer without another thought in mind.

The officer chased the men, but he soon realized he was shot. He prayed until help arrived that he would survive, and if it wasn’t for his vest, he might not have survived the night.

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