All of Trump’s Campaign Statements Just Vanished from his Website. Here They Are:

All of Trump’s Campaign Statements Just Vanished from his Website. Here They Are:

Despite being only a few months into his first term, President Donald Trump and his team are already gearing up to run for a second term. In fact, Trump apparently already has an entire re-election campaign in place. As part of this re-election bid, the Trump 2020 campaign recently announced that they had fully revamped and upgraded the campaign website.

In announcing the new website, the campaign stated that it would now serve as a source of ‘fact-based information.’ One can only presume this is the same type of information that the ‘fake news media’ won’t cover and doesn’t want you to know about. In addition to this information, visitors can also get the inside story about his campaign rallies and events and the president’s general movements. You can also view rare behind-the-scenes photos of past rallies, and of course, get that ‘Make America Great Again’ hat or t-shirt you’ve been longing for.

Unfortunately, the new website seems to be almost entirely geared towards the president’s upcoming campaign. In this spirit, the Trump team decided to remove every single piece public statement, news release and other information related to the 2016 campaign. This means that all of the huge promises that Trump made during the campaign (and has yet to fulfill) have suddenly vanished into thin air.

No longer can visitors read Trump’s statement about “Compelling Mexico to Pay for the Wall” or the ground-breaking press release about the launching of the “Lying Crooked Hillary Website.” Unfortunately, such riveting exposes as “What They Are Saying About Trump’s ‘Very Good’ Economic Speech” have also disappeared.

Of course, this being the internet, all of these materials are still stored and archived elsewhere. As well, thousands of commentaries have been written on each and every one of the promises Donald Trump made during his campaign. This means that anyone interested can still easily read about how Trump has studied the Iran nuclear deal “in greater detail than almost anyone,” or about one of his first acts as president would be to force China to negotiate by immediately declaring them a currency manipulator.

For the record, Trump has done absolutely nothing of the sort in relation to China, and if anything, seems to be cozying up to Beijing. Of course, if you ask the president, he claims that China immediately stopped their actions when he took office although no one has yet to present any evidence proving this true.

At the end of the day, President Trump’s team may have removed all of his campaign promises and statements from his website, but this doesn’t mean that he can simply make them disappear. After all, both pro- and anti-Trump supporters are sure to remember his call to institute a ban on all Muslim immigrants and to make Mexico pay for his wall. And who can forget that time that he promised to revive the dead American Dream and make it “bigger, better and stronger than ever before.”

Luckily, the new website serves as an excellent platform for Trump to start immediately making new campaign promises in an effort to see if he can make the American people forget that he hasn’t yet fulfilled the majority of his first ones.

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